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P-Co now has Rapsodo

"Rapsodo brings powerful insights into every pitch. We help players and coaches improve their performance through real data."

Rapsodo enables the very best in the business to stay on the cutting edge...

It is one thing to have a piece of equipment that functions as advertised … but it’s another thing entirely to have front-line customer service, technical support, and a tight feedback loop with experts in the industry to create an outstanding experience. Rapsodo manages to do both, which is a rare feat indeed in the baseball industry.

Kyle Boddy, Driveline Baseball, Kent, WA

All the analytics you need at your fingertips

With Rapsodo, you can:

- Sync wirelessly to review the comprehensive analysis on your iPad or PC

- Dashboard of 8 realtime pitch metrics

- Watch the ball trajectory as it trails through the strike zone

- Steer the 3D ball path from side, top or catcher views

- Track progress over time with historical and statistical analysis

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