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Jon Edwards and Jimmy Jones Pitching Clinic - Dec. 15th

Don't miss out on this great opportunity to learn from the pros! Jon Edwards is a current relief pitcher for the Cleveland Indians. Jimmy Jones after an illustrious pitching career is now the Pitching Coach for the Padres organization.

Arm Care Fundamentals

Coach Cody Jones will be discussing off-season arm care programs at this clinic to ensure that you are making progress toward your spring pitching goals, as well as making sure you are staying strong and healthy. Arm Care is a valuable and necessary component to becoming and staying an elite pitcher.

Proper Throwing Mechanics

Whether you are a professional pitcher, or just stepping on to the mound for the first time; understanding how and why your body needs to move to execute a pitch is an ongoing study. At P-Co's Pitching Clinic, Jon Edwards and Jimmy Jones will discuss proper throwing mechanics and drills to help you advance your career as a pitcher.

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